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Accounting and Assurance Services

Assurance services are a type of independent professional service usually provided by certified or chartered accountants such as certified public accountants (CPAs). Assurance services can include a review of any financial document or transaction, such as a loan, contract, or financial website.

For Small businesses, hiring a full-time accountant could be a costly affair. Also, having a junior inexperienced accountant comes with a risk of not being compliant with all statutory requirement, finding a replacement in case of resignation of an accountant is a troublesome task. Junior accountant will find it difficult to support on higher end tasks like tax planning, structuring employee pay package, meeting investor requirements, Meeting bank document requirements, input on taxation and other laws etc. A smaller business also may not have enough work to keep an accountant engaged full time.

We do Daily, Monthly, Quarterly Bookkeeping Services depending on the size, volume, and nature of company’s business activity and as per the client requirements. We provide both on-site and off-site accounting services. We support the cloud as well as desktop-based accounting software.

Accounting Services include:

  • Raising of Invoices and Accounting for Invoices raised and receipts from Customers.
  • Verification of Vendor Bills and its payment after obtaining approvals after making necessary deductions.
  • Accounting for all the expenses, Purchase of assets, Monthly Payments, etc.
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Preparation of Monthly Management Information System Report.
  • Budgeting and Cost vs Budget analysis and reporting.
  • Preparing Financial Statements as per Indian GAAP.
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