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Loan and Finance

We provide Consultancies to Companies with regards to their industry specific requirements under various Labour Laws, PF, ESIC, Factory Act applicable to respective jurisdiction Our repertoire of services range from Consultancy on Statutory Obligations, Structuring of Compliance Module to Drafting of Employment Documents and under this head.

Every establishment / factory is liable to implement one or the other Central / State Government enactments in respect of labour laws. We provides you a distinctive and absolute way to get rid of all your labour law related issues.

We are committed to provide satisfactory services to the clients by delivering prompt & quality output at value prices. Our end-to-end service includes.


1. Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act
2. Employees State Insurance Act
3. Payment of Wages Act
4. Minimum Wages Act
5. Payment of bonus Act
6. Factories Act
7. Equal Remuneration Act
8. Shops and Establishment Act
9. Contract Labour Regulation Act
10. Building and Other construction Workers Act
11. Professional Tax Act and other labour laws

While riding on a high-speed train through India, Europe, or Taiwan, a passenger may see massive wind turbines scattered throughout the countryside. Marveled by the landscape, the passenger may take a snapshot on her phone camera and send it to her family. Without realizing it, the passenger is likely to have benefitted from infrastructure projects that have been financed by a mechanism called “project finance.” The high-speed rail, the wind turbine, and the telecommunication towers are all large and complex infrastructure undertakings. Sometimes such projects are made possible by traditional financial methods; increasingly, however, infrastructure projects are financed by a mechanism that engages a multitude of participants including multilateral organizations, governments, regional banks, and private entities. In project finance, participants negotiate amongst themselves to spread risks associated with an undertaking, thereby increasing the chances for success in developing vital infrastructure projects for that country and its population.
Project finance is the preferred financing mechanism for large infrastructure projects that are essential for developing countries, emerging economies, and developed countries alike. It will also address the advantages and risks associated with project finance and provide insight into the future of project finance.

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