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Machinery SME Loan

A machinery loan is a type of business loan taken for the purpose of financing the purchase of new machinery or equipment for a business. Modern business tools and state-of-the-art equipment are a great way to expand your business but finding the right financing for them can be difficult at times. A machinery loan makes equipment financing easy and removes any roadblocks in achieving business success. 

Product Offerings:

Our machinery loans involve the following features –

  • Loan Amount – Tata Capital offers a wide range of customised loan options ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 75 lakhs to meet machinery upgrade needs, both big and small
  • Loan Tenure – Our machinery loans can be issued for a tenure that ranges from 12 months (one year) to 36 months (three years)
  • Interest Rates – We charge competitive interest rates on our machinery loan offerings, starting at 19%
  • Multiple Product Offering – Our machinery loans offer businesses flexibility and can be customised to meet unique business needs
  • No Collateral Needed – Getting a business loan for machinery with Tata Capital is hassle-free as we do not ask for any collateral
  • Structured EMI Options –We offer businesses the flexibility to choose an EMI option that is best-suited to meet their budget
  • Easy Eligibility – Even if others may say no, we will not. Rather, we will closely work together with you to design a loan that is custom-made for you

Features and Advantages
Equipment financing via a machinery loan offer the following advantages –

  • Higher Productivity – A machinery loan allows you to upgrade to newer technologies using which you can produce more units in lesser time. As a result, you will experience greater sales and be able to meet your customer needs in a timely manner
  • Better Quality – Naturally, as you upgrade to newer machinery, you will be able to manufacture products that are high in quality, strengthening the trust your customers have in you
  • Faster Turnaround Time – The machinery you invest in via machinery finance solutions will improve your manufacturing efficiency and result in timely delivery of products. With faster turnaround time, you can meet your production targets and improve your business relations
  • Higher Profits – Improved productivity will naturally improve sales, leading to greater ROI. Moreover, the increase in productivity will reduce the cost per unit, further enhancing your profits
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